Are you a Pro Run Coach?

We can help you acquire new runners, support you with run analysis and help you grow your business.

Shared Revenue

We see this as a partnership. We bring the technology; you bring years of experience. Therefore everything we do is split 50/50 with our coaches.

Directory Showcase

We want you to succeed. We make sure all our coaches are showcased in our directory highlighting their experience, certification and years of knowledge.

Long Term Relationship

We see this as a long term relationship where we can both grow together and successfully help runners improve. You will have direct contact with us at all times and we will do everything we can to showcase you and the help you provide to runners through our media channels.

Technology to Support you

We can provide you with the technology to review runners form via an app. You have full access to everything in your coach portal and the technology makes it quick and easy to complete your analysis of runners.

Product Advancement

We are partnering with you and as such we want to ensure you have complete involvement in our product roadmap and improvements. Let us know your ideas for any features or functionality that would make your job easier. We will then ensure our product team build these into the app to help you, other coaches and runners alike.

New Customers

We have a range of runners from beginners through to club members and experienced athletes alike, through our communities and apps. We can help you acquire new customers and build your business through these outlets.

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