Your Own Personal Run Coach

Technology is a great facilitator, but a real run coach accessible at any point is a game changer

We all have different goals. Your run coach can ensure you meet them

Your Running, Your Goals, Your Run Coach

We don't force you to have a particular coach to have to use. You can select from our coach directory based on their previous reviews, certifications and support. From here they can help support you hit your running goals.

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How does it work?

Your run coach is the key to our app. You will be provided with a selection of pre-certifed and qualified run coaches that can then assess your running form, goals and objectives to give you their expert advice and help you hit your objectives.

Professionally Certfied Running coaches

Your choice to select who you want to be reviewed and coached by

View experience, reviews and history of your coach

Chat and engage with them all in app.

Why have a Run Coach instead of just a basic gait analysis?

Prevent Injury

Running is hard on the body. If you are using the wrong shoes or are unaware of how to look after your body you will more likely have injuries such as plantar fascitiis and shin splints.

Run more efficiently

We are born to run but through science and technique analysis your coach can improve your run efficiency, helping you get faster with less strain on your body.

Resolve Run Form Issues

The focus is on addressing mechanical and structural issues so you can improve your form and ensure you can hit your running and health goals.

Improve Performance

A normal gait analysis will tell you some of your running form issues but with MotivReview and your coach you are guided past just pointing out your issues to also explaining them in detail as well as the exercises and changes you need to make to improve.

Get the Right Running Shoes for You

Part of the analysis your coach will look at your shoes and make sure they are the right pair for the way you run and your goals.

Custom Exercises

Okay, you’ve had your analysis but how can you then improve? Your run coach tailors exercises and routines to ensure you make the most of your new knowledge.

Are you a Run Coach?

We are always looking for the best qualified run coaches that we can support runners hit their goals. Find out more about how we can help you do this.
Technology to assist you

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Grow your Run Coaching Business


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